Arcadia is a continent rounded by Oceanus on the East, the Inner Sea on the South, and the great mountains that lie to the East. It is made up of a myriad of kingdoms united solely by the Arcadian faith of the Thirteen.


These kingdoms are ruled by the nobles who historically owned the land. Nowadays, most peasants rent their land. More and more people are now moving into thriving cities across the continent, working in trade guilds, and rising to new stations in society. Originally all kingdoms were connected by the Holy Church of Arcadia, but the continent has seen signs of change: some nobles support more decentralized forms of worship and Eastern Arcadia is become the seat for the Osmani Empire who follow the Ruhanni gods.

Arcadia is made up of
The Norderlands, the Lands of Ice
Albion, the Island Kingdoms
• The Holy Kingdom of Luper
Libria, the Kingdom of the Brave
Isperia, the edge of the World
the Broken Isles of the old Empire
Hellas, Birthplace of the Gods
Osman, seat of the Osmani Empire


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