Beliefs and Objectives

The World of this game is a little less black and white than most Dungeons & Dragons settings. To reflect that we’re changing a couple things.

Alignment will be replaced by Beliefs. That is, your characters perspective and morality should be summarized in one to two sentences. See the table below or the Backgrounds page for some suggestions. All spells that deal with alignments will instead be framed in terms of Allies & Enemies instead of Good & Evil or Law & Chaos.

As well, you don’t necessarily gain Experience from winning a battle. Instead, you choose a number of Objectives throughout the game and gain Experience for accomplishments that align with those.

Alignment Sample Belief
Lawful Good I must follow the laws of the land and punish those who do not.
Neutral Good I should protect the weak and defend the innocent no matter the enemy.
Chaotic Good I must work to free the oppressed and overthrow the tyrant.
Lawful Neutral I must uphold my family’s honour no matter the circumstances.
True Neutral My survival and well being are always first priority.
Chaotic Neutral I follow my whims. Morality and law are for fools and cowards.
Lawful Evil I must maintain the Empire’s rule even if I have to kill and torture to do so.
Neutral Evil I do what I want and take whatever I desire.
Chaotic Evil I take pleasure from pain and destruction.

Beliefs and Objectives

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