Races might be an inadequate term for the multiplicity of beings that inhabit the world. Bloodlines might be more accurate.

Humans populate the entire world and mold it to their desire. They cut down trees, build immense cities, and have spread like a slow wildfire throughout the millennia. The Callian Republic seems to have appeared out of nowhere and suddenly has the entire world within its reach. It has conquered many important ports and trading routes in Arcadia and the Ruhann. They impose their will and culture on the inhabitants of those cities with the might of their navy and magic.

The following are magical creatures. They are rare and exist in isolated communities throughout the world, hidden from or beyond the reach of humans. Part gods, part human, and part of the land itself, they are as old as the Earth.

  • The Jann are said to be the lowest order of the Djinn and the only ones to still inhabit the world. Djinn are strange creatures once dwelling in the deserts of the Badiyan. Said to have been created by the gods from smokeless fire, Djinn held powerful magic with which they could disappear from human sight, transform into animals, or grant wishes to mortals.
  • Merfolk live underwater despite their ability to breathe air as well. In their natural shape they have the upper half of a human being and a fish-like lower half. The females however can take on fully human shapes and walk on land.
  • The Adze are beautiful creatures from the western part of the Sudderlands. They live deep in the tropical woodlands and savannahs, and seldom interact with the humans of the area despite their resemblance. Like them, they have dark skin and curly dark hair, however they can also take the shape of a firefly. They are extremely mistrustful of large groups of humans.
  • Elves (see “Wood Elf” in PHB pg.24) are woodland creatures hidden deep in the forests of Arcadia. Taller and paler than even the humans of those lands, their skin has an almost greyish pallor and their ears are noticeably pointed. Changelings are elves that have grown up among humans, or human who have grown up among elves.
  • Lycanthropes include werehyenas of the Sudderlands and the Ruhann, and the werewolves of Arcadia.
  • Dwarves are creatures that dwell beneath the earth or in the recesses of the great mountains. They are said to be guardians of treasure and ancient knowledge. For this reason, they are often protective of their domains, keeping them hermetically sealed from humans.
  • The Giants are the last of a dying race. Once a proud people, they are said to have once rebelled against the Gods and attempted to enslave humanity. For this they were cursed and exiled to the mountains far from the humans and the Gods.


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