Most people in Arcadia believe in The Pantheon of Thirteen. Not to do so is blasphemy, punishable by death. The names of the gods are
Sater, the Father: (Law, Tempest)
Dhaema, the Mother: (Life, Earth)
Neptus of the Sea: (Tempest, Water)
Mordheus, the Unseen: (Death, Darkness)
Taika, the Weavers: (Luck, Time)
Saul, the Blessed: (Knowledge, Light)
Luma, the Huntress: (Nature, Hunting)
Volo, the Swift: (Trickery, Travel)
Meniva, the Wise: (Protection, War)
Frieda, the Lover: (Charm, Life)
Hamon, the Crafter: (Artifice, Fire)
Pares, the Striker: (War, Strength)
Nysis, the Crazed: (Chaos, Madness)

However, the Osmani Empire, and most of the lands to the East follow the Ruhanni Gods:
• Hubal, the King: (Control – Air) wind, storms, ruler
• Ninhursag, the Queen: ( – Earth) earth and mother goddess
• Enki, the Craftful: (Craft* – Water) god of crafts, water, intelligence, mischief and creation
• Alat of the Underworld: ( – Death)
• Nanshe, the Just: ( – Law) goddess of social justice, prophecy, fertility and fishing
• Nabu, the Wise: ( – Mind) – god of wisdom and writing
• Samas, the Sun (Travel – Light) , arbiter of justice and patron of travellers
• Sin, the Moon ( – ), wisdom,
• Aluza, the Mighty: (Protection – War) goddess of fertility, love, and war
• Tammuz, the Nurturer ( – Plant) god of food and vegetation
• Gerra, the Flame ( – Fire) god of fire
• Ninurta the Champion: (- Body) youthful vigour, and god of agriculture
• Nergal of Destruction: (Curse – War) god of plague, war, and the sun in its destructive capacity

Some in Khemia still follow their Old Gods, but do so well in secret.

The Sudderners pray to their own gods, except for those whom the Osmani or the Arcadians powers have reached and converted.


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